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RoSPA provides a wealth of information across all areas of accident prevention including safety on the road, at home, at work and leisure at play and in schools and colleges. It is often the case that this information spans several of these areas. We are therefore creating a number of "information hubs", saving you time and effort as you look for information on one particular topic at one particular time. We hope you find these information hubs a useful resource:

Seasonal hubs

  • Spring Safety
    As dark evenings make way for much brighter weather many of us will be swapping the warmth of the indoors for outdoor adventures.

  • Summer Safety
    Despite what the weather may be telling us, summer is here and thoughts for many will be turning to time off from work and the school holidays.

  • Autumn Safety
    The children have gone back to school, leaves are falling from the trees, and thoughts will be turning to Halloween, Bonfire Night, and even Christmas.

  • Winter Safety
    Each year, RoSPA takes many enquiries from members of the public and employers about staying safe during the winter months. We hope this information hub will help you to find some proportionate and sensible safety advice for the winter period.

Keeping Kids SafeKeeping Kids Safe

Less than a third of parents of under-5s feel they get enough advice and information to protect their little ones from accidental harm. Our new keeping kids safe hub aims to fill this gap by providing life-saving advice, and information parents can trust.


Young DriversYoung Driver

In 2015, young drivers aged 17-24 made up only 7 per cent of UK full driving licence holders yet were involved in 22 per cent of fatal or serious collisions in which they were the driver. This young drivers' hub is aimed to guide young drivers through the process of applying for their licence, learning to drive, and the first few months once they have passed their test.


Young WorkersYoung Workers

Whether through lack of training, knowledge, or simply down to having less experience, it’s a tragic fact that young workers are statistically more likely to be injured at work than those who have been on the job for years. We’ve put together a range of potentially lifesaving information to ensure that young workers make it home safely at the end of their working day.


Flood Advice & InformationFlood

Flooding is devastating on many levels and not only causes significant disruption to services and property damage, but can also quickly put lives at risk in the home, on the roads and while outdoors. RoSPA has created this flood advice and information hub to provide clear and sensible safety advice for families before, during and after flooding.


If you would like to see more information hubs on the RoSPA website, providing a 'one-stop-shop' for single subject advice and information, please let us know by emailing:

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